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$XNET Token

XNET Mobile Network

Unlike traditional wireless networks that are dependent on wireless spectrum licenses and lots of expensive infrastructure (like RAN/cell site assets), XNET will own no spectrum and very little physical network infrastructure. These network assets will be acquired, deployed and operated by a dedicated community of individual XNET enablers and professional network deployment companies and ISPs. Everyone involved in the deployment and operation of the XNET network will be rewarded by receiving $XNET crypto tokens in return for various activities that they undertake.

The detailed explanation of the tokenomics model behind the $XNET token can be found in the XNET whitepaper.

There are 4 ways that tokens can be earned by these operators:

  1. Launch
  2. When a consumer or professional purchases one or more nodes from XNET, they indicate in which location they will bring the node into operation. For consumers, this is validated at first on our website against our allowed locations (as above). Once you have successfully deployed your node, some tokens are released to the operator based on their type of node (see below). This is a one-time grant of tokens, with a lockup period of one year.

  3. Coverage
  4. This will be a regular disbursement of tokens to an operator in reward for them having an operational node on the network. These tokens will be proportionate to the type of node and its coverage capabilities.

  5. Validation
  6. This will be a regular release of tokens to an operator in reward for them participating in a validation exercise. It is certain that we will reward the maximum such tokens to our node operators early on in the network, as long as they have an operational node.

  7. Data throughput
  8. Eventually, this will be the heart of how both operators and XNET earn rewards. Based on measured data throughput (in GB) through the node, XNET will grant a number of tokens in proportion to that throughput. Data throughput is expected within the first 12 months of inital network deployment.

Three new token reward incentives to thank you for joining us in our early stages:


Rewards for the selected group of early adopters -Founders during the first phase of the NET mobile network deployment.

Unique One-time Rewards !

Introducing a 10,000 Founder Bonus tokens for the first 5,000 Felix and Lucius nodes deployed in all designated NET locations. This one-time Bonus will be added to the existing Launch Registration reward of 10,000 tokens for a total of 20,000 tokens in Phase X.= 20,000 $XNET in TOTAL One-time Rewards.

Introducing NET Epochs

An XNET Epoch is a 2-week-long earning period for coverage and validation rewards . Epoch rewards are unlocked and available immediately. = 500 $XNET / month
Nodes Deployed$XNET / EpochStaking Rewards / Month
0 - 4001,0002,000 Tokens
401 - 1,0009001,800 Tokens
1,001 - 2,0008001,600 Tokens
2,001 - 4,0006501,300 Tokens
4,001 - 6,0005501,100 Tokens
6,001 - 8,000450900 Tokens
8,001 - 10,000400800 Tokens

For a more in-depth look at the new Phase X structure and rewards, please read through the Phase X document here.

Assuming a typical deployment of a Felix or Lucius node, with proper operation (i.e. the node is positioned correctly, powered and with backhaul), then we can build some example upfront and Per Epoch and Per Month rewards.

As before, the upfront rewards are from Registration and from the new Founder Bonus rewards. This will be 10,000 + 10,000 = 20,000 tokens assigned upon registration of the operating node. However, all of these tokens will be locked up (or considered staked) for one year.

For every Epoch (that is, every two weeks), there will be assigned coverage, validation and staking bonus rewards. If we assume that the network size grows linearly to approximately 6,000 nodes in the first 12 months of operation, then the weighted average per Epoch staking rewards (from the operator’s staked 20,000 Registration and Founder Bonus pool) will be 629 tokens (see table: Epoch Staking Bonus by Network Size).

Per EpochMonthlyAnnual
Coverage Rewards1252503000
Validation Rewards1252503000
Data Rewards *000
Staking Bonus **629125815,096

*Data rewards will come online once there are paid-for data contracts with MNOs and others.

**Assumes a network size growing linearly to 6000 nodes in first 12 months, and assumes node is in good standing with coverage and validation checks

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